Why should I care about SIEM?

This is a good question to ask. SIEM platforms are the next wave in security and sooner or later will become industry standard. It stands for Security Information and Event management, and the core of the solution is to take the logs that systems provide and make sure that they are analyzed.

We fully advocate the usage of one because part of any battle when eliminating threats is the detection in order to be able to provide remediation much sooner before extreme damage is done. We believe enough in SIEM platforms that we have made sure to secure the best partner for a price point that our clients can afford. Spiffy IT Consulting and Solutions is a Vijilan Security Partner because we believe in what they bring to the table.

We have found that there are a lot of partners out there who want you to bring a software platform. They want to manage or to look in to complex solutions that other vendors offer. When more complex solutions are used than what are needed, this will tend to lead in to higher cost models that will never see full utilization. With Vijilan as our partner, we are able to provide quick and smooth deployments and management of the systems. The system works in a manner that allows for expansion of monitoring to keep up with your business.

One capability is for us to deploy and remediate on your behalf, or if you need the solution but want to handle remediation then we can handle that as well. As more cyber security is implemented into the different industries, cost will be a factor. GM dealerships have to adhere to D.I.G standards which we applaud, but believe that we can offer the service at a price point cheaper than what is being offered.

Spiffy IT Consulting and Solutions fully believes in Cybersecurity Compliance and that it is the natural direction of technology as we continue to advance forward. This does not mean that companies should go under in an effort to adhere to the compliance and that is where we come in.

This also applies to companies that have to adhere to the NIST 800-171 cybersecurity compliance. At Spiffy IT Consulting and Solutions, we have worked with companies that have to adhere to this compliance and we can help.

Using Vijilan Security also us to be able to expand our capabilities. We are able to bring 24x7x365 Security Operations Center or also known as “SOC”. There is a difference between this and a Network Operations Center. NOC’s are focused on server infrastructure and keeping uptime on your network as high as possible.

The best Intrusion Prevention Systems and Firewalls lose a large amount of their purpose and return of investment or “ROI”. These devices are logging the traffic, but there are no resources analyzing any of these logs. This allows us to maximize the value of the equipment you are already using and to prevent unwanted backdoor access.

Don’t let intruders run around unnoticed on your network. Secure your network with Spiffy IT Consulting! Ask us today for a quote and how our SOC capabilities with Vijilan work! We also offer a wide variety of IT Services to help protect your business and keep it running.

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