With having worked with a number of different industries, that we have seen multiple types of cybersecurity popping up. A lot of them have similar requirements and understanding those requirements is half the battle. We have worked with NIST, HIPAA, ISO, PCI compliance and more. Everyone is just looking to protect their data and that's what we are here to do.

Cybersecurity isn't always just about compliance. This can also includes services such as SIEM, Anti-Virus, Spam Filters, Cloud App Security, and more. Ask how we can protect each of these systems whether they are cloud services or systems you work on physically.

Audit Software

With tools like Netwrix, a lot of compliance rules include auditing systems which you don't have time to do manually. We can automate them!

SIEM Platform

Network Monitoring is the next advancement in cybersecurity. Learn how you can prevent and stop attacks happening on your network!

Multi-Factor Authentication

With the use of Duo, you can feel safe knowing that it takes multiple forms of authentication to access the systems. Wide application use as well.


Partnering with Trend Micro has allowed us to feel confident in securing systems and protecting them from attacks. Find out how Trend WFBS can help you!

We Provide The Best Support

Our staff has decades of experience in each of their fields. From the technician and account managers, all the way up to the owner. We work together as a small cohesive unit to bring you solutions that are fast and effective. We will work effortlessly to make sure that your systems stay not only online and working, but at their best performance levels.

Frequently Asked Question

  • Is cybersecurity expensive to have?
    Expensive is always dependent on the budget. We believe that our pricing per unit model is one of the most competitive in the industry and is a pricing model that as you continue to grow, will grow with you. This is like getting bulk pricing without having to buy in bulk!
  • How flexible is cybersecurity?
    In Ohio, you must have best efforts and attempts in place in order to avoid being held liable for data leaks. You don't have to buy large amounts of equipment anymore or be a large corporation to implement. This can be done in phases to rollout rather than load up on upfront costs.
  • Does this affect my ability for insurance?
    This is something you want to speak to your insurance agent about specifically. When it comes to cybersecurity insurance, there are requirements to be met in order to maintain coverage and that we can help you meet the requirements that your insurance agent has set forth.


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