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At Spiffy IT, we handle Backup and Recovery with the utmost importance. There is no one thing that can be more critical for your data management. As a member of the Veeam ProPartner Reseller and a member of the Veeam Cloud & Service Provider program, the only way that our client’s feel safe about their data is when they are protected with Veeam ®.

Veeam® Backup & Replication™ is the one solution for simple, reliable and flexible protection of ALL of your cloud, virtual and physical workloads. Take the stress out of managing your data protection, ransomware prevention and compliance challenges. With key features that allow you to completely manage your entire backup data lifecycle, Veeam saves you time and money, simplifying administration and minimizing costly downtime. Now you can focus on driving your business objectives forward with confidence.

Veeam Backup

With the fastest restore rates and best compression rates, that there is no one else we trust for backups.

Expansive Backups

We have the capabilities to backup desktops, laptops, and servers both physical and virtual.

Cost Effective

We strive to stay competitive in the Cloud Storage market so that you don't have to sacrifice your budget for backups.

Linux and Windows

Our backup and Recovery Systems are not limited to a single OS platform. We can backup multiple types of systems.

We Provide The Best Support

Our staff has decades of experience in each of their fields. From the technician and account managers, all the way up to the owner. We work together as a small cohesive unit to bring you solutions that are fast and effective. We will work effortlessly to make sure that your systems stay not only online and working, but at their best performance levels.

Frequently Asked Question

  • How many backups do I need?
    We believe that you need at least 3 backups. You need to have your on-site backups for the fastest restores over 2 different types of media, you need an off-site backup should something happen to the building that your data is in, and a cloud location that is not attached to your network should the media fail or become corrupted in the on-site and off-site backups
  • How often should I be backing up?
    The easy answer is all the time. But we also understand that space will cost money. So we look at the systems and make decisions based on that. E-mail servers you want to backup more often so as not to e-mails, but print servers and non-application systems may only need to be backed up once a day. It is a matter of how far do you want to have to recover.
  • What about replication?
    Replication is a very good off-site method. Should the systems go down at the main site, that you are able to get back up quickly with no loss depending on the location of your off-site. Replication is always occurring and so it is like having a constant backup. But you need a replica of the hardware system for replication to work.


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