Custom Computers

We have built a number of custom systems over the years, to host servers used for virtualization environments, but gaming systems and business computers that needed the extra boost in certain specifications, but not fully for the next level of system. This is where we can help you decide if it is better to build out the machine with our 1-year parts warranty, or to get a system from a manufacturer and use their warranty system instead.

Custom Computers have many uses in the world still and there is a market for it. We know how to create those custom gaming computers for streaming purposes, or build those workhorse machines for our 3D modeling and simulation crowd. Graphic Design is another area where you need the boost without boosting the wallet.

Gaming Computers

Buying a gaming system from a big box store or from a manufacturer can cost more than custom building a PC. Ask for a quote today!

3D Modeling

Engineers come in all industries and usually need heavy lifting computers for modeling and simulations. Ask us how we can help today!

Graphic Design

Adobe and other software packages for industries like Marching Band can have you needing a graphic intensive computer. Ask us how!

Server Systems

Depending on the system need, we can build that small business level server for a cost cheaper than Dell or Lenovo Systems. Find out more!

We Provide The Best Support

Our staff has decades of experience in each of their fields. From the technician and account managers, all the way up to the owner. We work together as a small cohesive unit to bring you solutions that are fast and effective. We will work effortlessly to make sure that your systems stay not only online and working, but at their best performance levels.

Frequently Asked Question

  • Are custom computers expensive?
    Expensive is always dependent on the budget. We believe that you can find ways to piece together a machine that is more cost effective than the limited options and upgrades that you can get from a manufacturer.
  • Can you do the Liquid Cooling and LED's?
    Absolutely. Just because we build cost effective machines, does not mean that we can't or won't add any additional flair you want. Your imagination is only limited by the budget you carry. Let us know the setup and application it is for and let us design the rest!
  • Can my everyday system be a custom build?
    It can be, but we find in the computer market that most systems meant for basic business needs and home use are already some of the lowest in the industry, and so it is not as cost effective. But we also have partnerships to resale those too!


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