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Having worked with tens of thousands of endpoints over the last ten years, there isn’t an endpoint we are afraid of. Other groups might stay away from Line-Of-Business applications, but here Spiffy IT Consulting and Solutions we like to roll up our sleeves and dig in to the trenches with you. We understand the frustration when applications and systems don’t work and the last thing you want to hear is, “We do not support that.” If you have a support contract, we will contact the vendor support for you to help translate the fix and resolve the issue, or we have a best-effort approach if there is no support contract.

See why many are switching to Spiffy IT Consulting and Solutions today for Infrastructure Management!​ Our small, flexible, agile and design-led structures and processes allow us to be highly responsive and innovative. We’re made of passionate leaders, strategists, managers, technicians, and engineers who work together under one umbrella.

Desktop Management

From Windows XP all the way to Windows 11, and we can even work with Linux and Mac OS X machines, that we have seen it all. Citrix, RDP, and all other apps too.

Server Management

It doesn't matter if you have physical servers or virtual ones, we can manage those along with all of the Microsoft Server OS and Application platforms.

Application Support

Exchange, SQL, MySQL, SharePoint, Azure, AWS, VMWare, Hyper-V, and many different types of industry related software applications.

Peripheral Management

We know that even the most critical things like copiers going down is a hindrance to your business. We manage and work on all copier brands.

We Provide The Best Support

Our staff has decades of experience in each of their fields. From the technician and account managers, all the way up to the owner. We work together as a small cohesive unit to bring you solutions that are fast and effective. We will work effortlessly to make sure that your systems stay not only online and working, but at their best performance levels.

Frequently Asked Question

  • Is it expensive to get managed services?
    Expensive is always dependent on the budget. We believe that our pricing per unit model is one of the most competitive in the industry and is a pricing model that as you continue to grow, will grow with you. This keeps the cost manageable with no surprise invoices later. All technical support is included in managed services.
  • What is your Monitoring Only service?
    Monitoring Only is a great plan for those who want to be able to make sure that their computer is staying up to date, but receives alerts from the system that we receive and has our agent on there for faster support connections at a discounted rate. This saves you time and money of paying for the maintenance portion upfront instead of at an hourly rate when troubleshooting has to occur. This plan is for those looking for a more cost effective solution without the full support contract.
  • Can I call only when things break?
    Absolutely. We have rates based on severity of issue so if we need to come out Same Day, Next Business Day, or Scheduled that we can get it fit in at our schedule at first availability. Rates start at $85/hour for our scheduled services, but fee free to ask about our Break/Fix Contract to lock in hourly rates for a period of 6 months.


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