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Our network services are next to none. With an understanding of network infrastructure from the point you receive your internet connection to the end-user computer needing connection, that we know how to safeguard those networks from the latest attacks.We manage firewalls, routers, switches, access points and more! We have the skillset and capabilities to work with a number of different brands so that you don't have to feel like you have to be part of some exclusive club.

We have been expanding our cabling capabilities to be able to handle those needs for when you need to connect more computers to the network, run cables for cameras, access points, or for access control that we have the equipment necessary to drill through any material to get the cable where it needs. Whether the job needs run indoors or outdoors, we have you covered!


We have the knowledge and skill set to get you through the compliance that keeps you up at night.

IT Management

Our managed services capabilities give you the capability to budget your IT needs without extra invoices.

SIEM Platform

We at Spiffy IT Consulting and Solutions understand that SIEM Platforms are the next steps in cybersecurity.


No matter if it is drop ceiling, concrete, drywall, brick, or steel, that we can find a way to get your cable run!

We Provide The Best Support

Our staff has decades of experience in each of their fields. From the technician and account managers, all the way up to the owner. We work together as a small cohesive unit to bring you solutions that are fast and effective. We will work effortlessly to make sure that your systems stay not only online and working, but at their best performance levels.

Frequently Asked Question

  • Can't I just replace my equipment?
    When it comes to network equipment, you get what you pay for. As businesses are forced to managed their network more, as part of things like cybersecurity insurance, that it will mean more expensive equipment that you will want to take care of.
  • What does network management include?
    Not only are we watching for you equipment to stay online, but we are also making sure that when there are firmware updates to protect against the latest threats, that we are there to install those. While this is included in the network services package, that it can also be done on a one-time hourly project as well, when there is an update.
  • What kind of cabling have you done?
    We have done a number of different cabling jobs. Both indoor and outdoor cabling jobs where we have had to trench and bury cabling. We have run it through conduits and J-hooks indoor to get the capabilities where you need them. We take the time to plan the route carefully, and make sure that when we complete the job, that it is a work of art. We have run Cat 5e, Cat 6, and can run Network Fiber as well with our splicing kit.


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