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Founded in the year 2019, owner Chris Spivey has seen the kind of needs that businesses in all types of industry sectors have on a day to day basis. With plans and solutions on how to solve those problems at a price point that businesses can afford, Spiffy IT Consulting and Solutions is one of the fastest growing Managed Service Providers and IT Consultants in Southwest Ohio. Having over a decade of experience, Spiffy IT Consulting and Solutions has seen a multitude of different hardware and software vendors.

Our purpose is to provide a one-of-a-kind IT Service that you won’t find anywhere else. We want to give world-class service at a price point you can afford no matter what size your business is, whether you’re a small business or large enterprise.
Spiffy IT Consulting and Solutions has a mission to bring superior customer service by maximizing the potential of every team member to their fullest extent. This allows for us to pass even the highest expectations in customer service and business results.
Our vision at Spiffy IT Consulting and Solutions is to be the preferred IT firm in the technology industry by advancing our customer’s Information Technology capabilities forward by compromising on price instead of quality.
About Us

We combine experience with effeciency.

With over a decade of experience, we’ve established ourselves as one of the pioneering agencies in the region. Our small, flexible, agile and
design-led structures and processes allow.

Managed Services

IT Projects

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Network Services

If you are trying to prevent hackers from getting in...
We have the solutions to help fit your budget so that you can protect your systems and data from incoming attacks.

IT Managed Services

When you need someone to take care of the tech...
We can either monitor your system for the updates and alerts you need or we can fully manage it to include support to go with it.

Backup and Recovery

If you aren't sure you can recover from a disaster...
We have the backup solution to make sure that you can. Veeam is the best in the market and we can help!

Project and Hourly

For installations or troubleshooting when a break happens...
We know your budget may only allow for when you need it most. We have rates to make sure you get going again!

Custom Computers

Whether you are a gamer or need a high end computer...
You could spend thousands of dollars buying a high-end computer, or we can build one for a fraction of the cost!

Cybersecurity Services

If you’re looking to protect your system from threats...
We can help you get to HIPAA compliant, NIST compliant, PCI Compliant, or to be compliant for cybersecurity insurance!

Our Awesome
Team members

With decades of experience underneath our belt, we have the small and flexible team to be able to meet any system and project need. We handle all technology needs and never hear the words "We Don't Do That" from us. You have more important things to worry about than technology. Let us know how we can help and assist today!


Looking for the Best IT Business Solutions?

We work passionately, efficiently, and effectively to solve your technology issues so you can get back to work.

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