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Frequently Asked Questions

We’ve grown up with the internet revolution, and we know how to deliver on its promise of improved business efficiency.

  • What is cloud computing?
    Cloud computing refers to the delivery of computing services over the internet. It allows users to access a range of computing resources, including storage, software, and processing power, without having to manage the underlying infrastructure.
  • What are the benefits of cloud solutions?
    With cloud solutions, it takes the burden of liability and management off of your plate, and can reduce the cost by not having to buy and upgrade hardware. This also means that the cloud solution is backing up and replicating that data to make sure that none of it gets lost.
  • How can IT solutions help me stay competitive?
    IT Solutions help you stay competitive by improving efficiency and processes. This allows you to create greater supply, inventory, or more services so that you can earn more in revenue. This in turn makes for greater returns on investment.
  • How can businesses ensure data with IT solutions?
    By making sure that your IT Solutions are there when you need it. Our services include things like testing backups in a sandbox environment to make sure that data integrity is ensured, as well as keeping everything up to date to prevent attacks.
  • How can IT solutions improve collaboration among teams?
    When teams are able to communicate effectively, this will increase collaboration amongst teams. If you have slow and complex solutions in place that no one understands, that it will go unused and therefore would become a waste of resources and money.
  • What does network management include?
    Not only are we watching for you equipment to stay online, but we are also making sure that when there are firmware updates to protect against the latest threats, that we are there to install those. While this is included in the network services package, that it can also be done on a one-time hourly project as well, when there is an update.
  • Can I call only when things break?
    Absolutely. We have rates based on needs so if we need to come out Same Day, Next Business Day, or Scheduled at first availability. Starting at $85/hour for our scheduled services. Ask about our Break/Fix Contract to lock in hourly rates for a period of 6 months.
  • How often should I be backing up?
    The easy answer is all the time. But we also understand that space will cost money. So we look at the systems and make decisions based on that. E-mail servers you want to backup more often so as not to e-mails, but print servers and non-application systems may only need to be backed up once a day. It is a matter of how far do you want to have to recover.
  • Can you build computers with the Liquid Cooling and LED's?
    Absolutely. Just because we build cost effective machines, does not mean that we can't or won't add any additional flair you want. Your imagination is only limited by the budget you carry. Let us know the setup and application it is for and let us design the rest!
  • Is cybersecurity expensive?
    Expensive is always dependent on the budget. We believe that our pricing per unit model is one of the most competitive in the industry and is a pricing model that as you continue to grow, will grow with you. This is like getting bulk pricing without having to buy in bulk!
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Chris Spivey and his team are lifesavers. We’ve called MANY times and at ODD hours and they are always right there to take care of our I.T. needs!

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I have used Spiffy for over 3 years. They have been beyond helpful. Always going the extra mile for me. Knowledgeable staff!

Heather Sabin

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I have had dealings with many local IT companies during my career and Chris and his team are by far the BEST I have ever worked with!

Brian Lucas

IT Director - YMCA Dayton

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