When should you upgrade your Windows System?

The short answer is that you should already be in the progress with a plan or finishing upgrades already. Windows will be ending support for Windows 7 on January 14th 2020. Windows has even ended Windows 8 support and so companies will have to be at Windows 10 to make sure that they are compliant and secure. Microsoft extended the date until they felt the threshold was met to where they could switch to ending XP support.

Information Technology Technicians and Engineers may still run in to older machines in an environment, but should be following best practices. Included in the best practices are moving the device to a DMZ or have outside traffic blocked to the system to keep it on the internal network.

Windows and Windows Logo are both trademarks of the Microsoft Corporation.

There is a major difference between the ending of Windows 7 support and the ending of Windows XP. Microsoft has been running offers and free upgrades over the years in order to get away from older Operating Systems sooner. According to web analytics vendor Net Applications, Windows 10’s ended the month at 40.3% of all personal computers and 46.1% of all PCs running Windows. Windows 10 continues to remain their most popular Operating Systems. Windows 7 may still be higher than expected. There is a belief that over the next 12 months that the retirement numbers will come down under 30%. Microsoft will be actively working to get Windows 7 users to make the move to Windows 10.

The End-of-Support date is rapidly approaching, and businesses and industries will need to make the move to Windows 10. GM DIG and NIST 800-171 customers will be most affected by this. They will be moving to upgrade the entire computer or at least the Operating System for the machine.

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