Should I renew my Anti-Virus Subscription?

You would think that this is kind of an easy question to answer but you would also be surprised at how many times IT professionals are asked if they should renew a support contract or an anti-virus subscription.

The short and easy answer is that you should always, and we firmly believe in the term “always” in this scenario because of how critical this issue is, have an active anti-virus subscription. The only time that you should not renew an anti-virus subscription is if you are switching to a new vendor.

People seem to believe that even though they did not renew their subscription, that it has not stopped working, and that very specific point is not incorrect. The large piece of information to finish the sentence should go like this, “When I did not renew our anti-virus subscription, the software did not stop functioning….. but is locked into the current version and definitions database version.”

So why is this important to complete the previous sentence? Because we have had to sit with decision makers and explain that while the base of the virus or Trojan they were infected with was built two years ago, that the specific variation they were hit with was from two WEEKS ago and they had not updated their definitions or subscription for over a year. The machines are able to fight some pieces of it but they were not fully protected and it cost downtime and productivity. When this happens in large quantities of hours, that the damage that IT professionals warn about begin to show through.

When you could protect a machine every month for only a couple of dollars, the decision seems to make a lot of sense to move to an anti-virus solution that could save hours/days/weeks of downtime. At Spiffy IT Consulting and Solutions, we use Trend Micro because we believe in their next generation AI machine and behavior learning platform and capabilities to help protect not only our customers, but our machines and devices as well.

Ask us for a quote and how you can save 10% on your first 3 months of a Trend Micro Worry Free Business Security today. Ask about our Advanced Worry Free Business agents to include Spam Filtering and Cloud App Security too!

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